Tuesday, 12 January 2010

My very first blog!!

Aghhh!  I have never done any sort of "blogging" before and would really like to appologise in advance for whatever I'm about to jot down :)

This post is probably going to be one of the more boring posts out of those yet to come, mainly because I have spent most of my day today skating down the icey paths of Goldsworth Park to visit my mum at the doctors (she works there) to fax something for me, instead of baking cakes to add to my portfolio. 

A photo I took of Goldsworth Park Lake the other morning

 I am definately going to get some cupcakes baked tomorrow though, so please check back to see what I've baked!

Ooooh! I am also making some Indiana Jones themed cupcakes on Thursday for my friend Louise as it's her brothers birthday.  I'm baking some of my very vanilla cupcakes, topping them with my *secret recipe* vanilla cream frosting and I've made up some edible image Indiana Jones toppers to pop on top :)  These should look pretty awesome!  I shall upload photos Thursday afternoon for you all to see.

I think I shall leave it there...for now!  Just want to write a quick thank you to all of you who have joined the My Cupcake Box group on Facebook and also for taking the time to read my somewhat appalling blog - I will hopefully get better at it soon :)  Also!  If you would like to order any cupcakes please contact me at abby@mycupcakebox.co.uk, or through facebook or through my website http://www.mycupcakebox.co.uk/ - every order would be really appreciated :)

Thank youuuuu!
Abby :)x